Cristal Breaux couldn't believe what she saw in the bottom of her son's drink pouch.

Breaux took to Facebook to broadcast the outrage she felt when she discovered what was blocking her son from sipping on a Capri Sun during lunch at his school.

What Breaux discovered is a problem that others have posted about in the past and is also one of the reasons we see clear pouches on Capri Sun and other similar drink pouches.

Many others chimed in, commenting and sharing videos of similar experiences. Kraft has responded to some of the Facebook posts related to mold in their Capri Sun product, saying that while unlikely, these things do happen from time to time.

The recent case of a “worm” found inside a Capri Sun pouch was, in fact, mold (the consumer actually returned to our page to confirm this). While this is not a common occurrence, it does happen from time to time because the product is preservative free. That’s why we recommend discarding leaking or damaged packages and have included a statement on our cartons for consumers.

Mold that forms on food and beverages is usually a common mold. It’s generally much like common bread mold, though it may look different depending on where it forms. And yes, it can be ugly, gross and totally unappealing.

It would be great if foods stayed fresh forever. But the basic laws of science and nature dictate that most foods eventually spoil and get moldy.

For what it's worth, medical experts say there is no medical danger when it comes to ingesting mold, but it still may upset your stomach or taste nasty.

Would you continue to drink or eat a product after having an experience like this?

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