(Decatur Township, Pennsylvania) - I've been in and seen my fair share of car accidents. I've seen a car flip on the highway going towards Houston and catch on fire. I've been hit from behind thus causing a chain reaction of hitting the car in front of me who hit the car in front of them and so on for at least 0.3 of a mile. But I've never seen a car crash into a second story of a house.

In Pennsylvania, 20-year-old driver Evan Miller crashed his car into the second story of a Decatur Township home.


Photo Credit: Junction Fire Company
Photo Credit: Junction Fire Company
Photo Credit: Junction Fire Company
Photo Credit: Junction Fire Company

The Pennsylvania State Police stated that the driver struck the house intentionally. According to Penn Live Patriot-News, Evan Miller was allegedly suicidal and having a mental breakdown thus crashing his car into the house. The Junction Fire Company who was on the scene at first stated that Miller hit a culvert thus launching his car airborne and then it hit the residence.

Joan Lepley cousin of the homeowners told Penn Live:

“We thank the Lord that he hit the second story because if he would have come through at the ground level, I believe my cousins and I would have been killed.”


For such a disastrous situation it is a blessing that no one was hurt.

Social Media's Reaction To The 2nd Story Crash






Again thank goodness no one was injured during the crash. Just imagine being the family in the home and just hearing the loudest of noises. I personally would've thought the world was ending.

Miller was charged by the Pennsylvania State Police with aggravated assault, criminal mischief, and numerous other related charges. Hopefully, Miller can get the help he needs for his mental health.

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