A former Carencro Walmart employee left no stone unturned as she publicly quit her job over the store intercom.

Beth McGrath is going viral on Facebook right now after she posted a video of her NSFW resignation from the electronics department at what is allegedly the Carencro Walmart location.

The video is simply captioned "On to better things" and opens up with Beth seeming to amp herself up for the big moment before she picks up the phone receiver. You can hear the nerves in her voice as she says "Alright..." before she begins her resignation by politely greeting Walmart shoppers and associates.

McGrath announces that she has been working at that Walmart location for nearly five years and that the majority of her co-workers were "overworked and underpaid." She used expletives to describe the attendant policy and didn't hold back when she criticized the way they were all treated as employees at the store.

She also went on to criticize management by name and claims that associates were often reminded that they were "replaceable" if they ever complained or brought issues to store leadership.

Perhaps the most jarring part of the video was when McGrath called out the store manager by name, claiming that he was a "pervert" before criticizing two other managers, also by name. McGrath's NSFW public address was not all negative, as she shouted out a handful of fellow employees telling them that the store "didn't deserve them."

In her final message over the store intercom, McGrath signed off by saying "F*** management, and f*** this job. I quit!"

The video quickly picked up traction, with some commenters applauding her bravery.


Others were more concerned with finding out the identities of those she called out in her video, while some people expressed that they would miss seeing her at the store.


Then there was one guy who wanted her paycheck, to which someone else responded that Walmart needed "RUN BETH ALLLL HER COINS."


While some would suggest that a move like this could hinder Beth from finding employment down the road, I can only imagine what she endured to drive her to this point in the first place.

Regardless of how things actually went down at her store, I know many people are stressed out and frustrated and it sucks to see people reach a tipping point like the one we just witnessed.

But, she said what she said. And now she's going viral—most likely the way she intended to.

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