An Amtrak train carrying Republican members of Congress to a retreat in West Virginia, including Senator Bill Cassidy and Baton Rouge Representative Garret Graves collided with a garbage truck near Charlottesville, Virginia.

Officials says one in the garbage truck is dead and another is seriously injured. Cassidy describes what happened.

"There was a garbage truck straddling the track and apparently tried to beat the train and got stuck."

Cassidy says he was fortunate and he and his wife Laura were not injured, but says other passengers felt the brunt of the collision, which derailed the train. Doctors on board began assisting the passengers in the garbage truck immediately.

"I was sitting down dozing off and you feel it, you hear it and then you look up and people who were standing have fallen on the floor and are being attended to."

Both Cassidy and his wife are doctors rushed to the garbage truck and describes the scene of the collision.

"She was looking at the fellow that was eventually declared dead and I was helping with the fellow in serious condition."

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