Believe it or not, National Ghost Hunting Day, which this year is on September 30, is a real holiday. Maybe not one that your boss will give you the day off for, but still an actual holiday! In a state that is known as much for being haunted as for our wonderful food, this is great news. We have A LOT of haunted places around Louisiana, and this is the perfect time of year to go exploring. Some of my favorites are below. #BOO


  • Myrtles Plantation - St Francisville - supposedly the most haunted house in America
  • Elise Reuss Memorial School - Iberville Parish - built in 1907 and now abandoned
  • Forbing Railroad tracks - supposedly haunted by a headless man who was decapitated on the tracks
  • Manchac Swamp - also known as Ghost Swamp
  • Old EA Conway Memorial Hospital - Monroe - built in 1948, and abandoned in 1987, this place is super creepy, and a destination for national paranormal seekers
  • LeBeau Mansion - Arabie - infamous destination for ghost hunting. It mysteriously burned to the ground in 2013
  • Tomb of Marie LaVeau - New Orleans - thousands of visitors each year come to leave the VooDoo Queen an offering.
  • Caddo Parish Penal Farm - Shreveport - abandoned 20th century prison
  • Bonnie and Clyde Ambush Site - Gibbsland - where the duo were actually gunned down. A very eerie spot
  • Old State Capitol Building - Baton Rouge - just looking at this place gives me the creeps. Supposedly, former state legislator Pierre Couvillion died of a heart attack during a state session, and still haunts the building to this day. Also, someone singing the Governor Jimmie Davis penned song 'You Are My Sunshine' has been picked up by paranormal investigators in the halls
  • Chretien Point - Sunset - two Civil War battles were fought near this plantation, which is now privately owned. Some say they can still smell sulfur and gun smoke in the air from the spirits of long gone soldiers


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