Am I the only person who loves being "out of touch" with the world while I'm on a plane? We live in a world where we are in constant contact with family and friends. If we're not telling people where we are on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat, we are usually no further than a text away. Incidentally, getting my hair cut is one of only a few other activities that you have to be completely out of touch with the world.

You can probably imagine the NOOOOOOOO! that was screamed in my office when I saw the news that Delta would soon enable free texting on flights with several different messing apps including iMessage. We should say that Alaska Airlines was actually the first the launch free texting earlier this year but to much less fanfare.

In 2017, with news and information just a click or swipe away, we need to make the decision that things can wait. Many employers require you to be in touch at all hours of the day. Email follows you each and every day in the palm of your hand. Now, your fingers don't get a break even at 30,000 feet. Some would argue, what if there is an emergency? Well even if there is, what can you do about it? Demand the plane turn around? What if your boyfriend/girlfriend breaks up with you? Do you really want to deal with that AND the crying 2-year-old in the next seat?

Acadiana.... It can wait!

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