In our celebrity obsessed culture, it's hard to believe that anyone famous could get away with anything, but it wasn't always that way. Long before social media, cell phone cameras, and TMZ, some celebrities were actually secret spies. And no one knew. Incredible, we know.

Here's some fascinating info about these folks who led double lives from History by Day.

  • Frank Sinatra - according to his daughter Tina, Ole' Blue Eyes transported documents, and even people, for the CIA on his private jet
  • Julia Child - before becoming a world famous chef, she worked on an underwater explosives program for the Office of Strategic Services, which was the beginning chapter of the CIA
  • Harry Houdini - the world's most famous illusionist also worked in conjunction with the Allied forces, the American Secret Service, and Scotland Yard
  • Chuck Barris - before he created The Dating Game and The Newlywed Game, he allegedly was a paid assassin for the CIA, and claimed to have killed over 30 Russian spies
  • Sir Ian Fleming - he might have gotten the idea for his James Bond novels by working secretly for the British Naval Intelligence during World War II. He also was instrumental in creating the US Office of Strategic Services. I think 007 would be proud!!
  • Marlene Dietrich - Even though she became an American citizen in 1939, the actress was supposedly a Nazi Spy
  • Audrey Hepburn - the beloved actress and humanitarian raised funds for the Dutch Resistance to fight the Nazi's in World War II
  • President George HW Bush - #41 was appointed Director of the CIA by President Gerald Ford, but it only lasted 357 days
  • Cary Grant - the Hollywood heartthrob worked as a British intelligence operative, and was secretly being paid to spy on Nazi sympathizers in Tinsel Town. And that included his wife, the Woolworth heiress Barbara Hutton
  • Ernest Hemingway - supposedly a double spy, for the Russians, and the US Office of Strategic Services. Some say the conflict might be the reason he killed himself in 1961.

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