Hopefully, "Chad-O" will be rolling again soon.

The small south Louisiana community of Jeanerette has banded together to help one of their own. According to KATC, Chad LeBlanc was headed home on his trike after a night with friends when someone struck him on Main Street.

The driver of the vehicle that hit LeBlanc fled the scene while Chad was left face down on the pavement after traveling around 40 feet. His brother-in-law, Peter Trimble, described the situation as "unthinkable."

It's bad enough for anyone to hit and run, but to leave a handicap person face down in the street in the concrete at one o'clock in the morning and then just drive off

Thankfully, LeBlanc was wearing his helmet, but his trike being covered with blinkers and reflectors wasn't enough to avoid being hit.

KATC says Chad's family wants the person responsible to surrender to police for hitting LeBlanc and ruining his trike—something he rides five miles a day and considers to be his life.

I don't know if he left because he was scared or because he had been drinking, or what it was, but he's not high or drunk anymore, so he needs to turn himself in

A GoFundMe is raising cash to get Chad-O a new trike and while it looks like it may have hit its goal you can still help him out here.

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