UPDATE: The evacuation in the Mire area due to Thursday night's fire has been lifted. Quality control checks are no longer being done with the lifting of the evacuation.


UPDATE:   Louisiana State Police officials report that all of the evacuation around the Duson area have now been lifted.

Families that were evacuated after a huge chemical explosion and fire in Duson yesterday will be allowed back into their homes today, but if you want the air quality check in your home you need to meet up with DEQ.

Officials are asking anyone wishing to go in to get an air quality check. Now, you can go without the test from Department of Environmental Quality, but it's at your own risk.

You are being ask by law enforcement and DEQ to meet at the Mire Volunteer Fire Department on Highway 95 at 6 o'clock this morning, and you are being asked to be patient.

Officials are expecting the process to take some time, and that safety and not speed of return is the goal.

There was a huge fire at Chem-Flo in Duson yesterday and families around the facility were evacuated.



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