As the old saying goes: 'It ain't where you're from, it's where you're at.'

In this case, it was New Orleans—and superstar singer Christina Aguilera told fans she couldn't catch a break with a band playing at an unnamed New Orleans bar. According to, Aguilera jumped on stage and tried to sing with the band, but they weren't having it

The band’s singer looks confused and refuses to pass the microphone, prompting Aguilera to gracefully step off stage. The person who posted the video on Twitter wrote his wife had recorded it in a New Orleans bar Thursday night. The bar was not named.

Xtina performed at the Saenger Theater this past weekend as part of her 'Liberation' tour and told fans what happened.

I go to this bar and there’s like this live band playing, and I was just like… with a couple of my dancers. He was a little older… he was not feeling it… he was not going to give up his mic. So [being here] is very nice, I was just like… I’ll save it for tomorrow.

Now that this is going viral, do you think that singer is having second thoughts?

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