We are in the heart of "crawfish season" here in south Louisiana and diving into a pile of those delightful treats is about all we need to make us happy in life.

Or, you may need a fun song about a crawfish boil from Acadiana's own Colby Latiolais & Ambush. Yeah, let's go with that.

The boys put together a pretty fantastic parody to celebrate our favorite crustaceans. Their new song is called "Crawfish Boil" and it is quite the unique take on rock band Nickelback's big 2006 hit "Rockstar".

With lyrics like the following, you just can't go wrong:

Potatoes and corn taste oh so sweet,
you better wash your hands before you go pee-pee.

Enjoy the video and song here, which includes guest appearances by Wayne Toups and Jamie Bergeron.

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