A mother has been reunited with her two-year-old son after a concerned citizen aware of the search for him showed police where to go to find him - a camp in St. Martin Parish.

Louisiana State Police say 2-year-old Carson Jeffery Hollingsworth went missing Sunday afternoon after his biological father, Orin Hollingsworth, took him away from his home at 2047 Maglone Lane in Slaughter in East Feliciana Parish. Troopers were worried about Carson's condition, especially since he suffers from a severe medical condition that requires daily medication.

On Tuesday, the concerned citizen let authorities know that the father and son were at the camp, allowing police to rescue the boy - who was found in good condition - and to arrest the father for Cruelty to a Juvenile.

Child Endangerment Poster, Issued by State Police
Child Endangerment Poster, Issued by State Police

It was truly a team effort to reunite the toddler with his mother. The East Feliciana Parish Sheriff’s Office, the Louisiana State Police, the US Marshal Service, the Saint Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office, the Zachary Police Department, the Assumption Parish Sheriff’s Office, and Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries all cooperated in the investigation into Carson’s disappearance.

"I would like to thank all the agencies involved, the various news media, and the concerned citizens who helped bring this matter to a successful conclusion," said East Feliciana Parish Sheriff Jeff Travis.

"If you see something, say something" is a call to action that is often put out in cases like this. Because someone paid attention and listened to it a young boy is now safe with his mother.

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