Shopping at this time last year was a nightmare, no getting around it. We had shortages on so many everyday items due to the coronavirus pandemic, and some of them are still lingering on to this day. Super depressing to try and get toilet paper or disinfecting wipes in 2020, remember? Hopefully, with this fourth surge of the pandemic we won't be caught so short. Especially now that it's time to stock up on back-to-school items. And for us along the Gulf Coast, hurricane supplies.

Well, one national company wants to make sure that they have enough product to go around for everyone. Costco Wholesale has recently announced that they will be limiting some products in their stores nationwide. The company told Eat This, Not That that members can expect some product limitations throughout their 558 warehouses in the United States and Puerto Rico. Some of the popular items affected are listed below, but be sure to check with your local Costco Warehouse Store for further information. And remember, just because there is a limit doesn't mean there is a shortage. The company can actually put limits on whatever they want.

  • Water. Costco really has one of the best deals around on their bottled water products, but apparently, it is in short supply in some areas right now. Eat This, Not That states that it could possibly be "blamed on missed deliveries and a Kirkland water bottling plant being shut down." Just FYI, I haven't noticed any shortage at our Lafayette location.
  • Chocolate Premier Protein Shakes. Currently, there is a purchase limit of four packages per trip, for both online and warehouse purchases. This seems to be a limit per membership for the duration of the promo sale, which goes through August 29
  • Kirkland Signature Diapers. Only two can be purchased at a time, with a discount  of $9
  • Peet's Coffee. The two lb bags currently have a limit of five


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