This is Louisiana where corruption is expected and convictions are considered to be experience in office. Okay, that's not really our state, or is it? Do you believe a convicted felon should have the  right to run for political office and represent the law abiding citizens of our  fair state? Well obviously the Louisiana State Supreme Court agrees with you.

Well, they kind of agree with you at least the way the current law in the state barring felons from seeking office does now. In a ruling yesterday the State Supreme Court overturned Louisiana law that prohibits a convicted felon from seeking public office but the ruling is not about putting criminals in positions of power.

According to legal analyst Tim Meche,  it's more about proper language than improper behavior.

They're not saying that the legislature and the voting public cannot bar felons running for office, they're just saying, in this instance, they didn't do it the right way.

Basically what Meche explained in his comments with the Louisiana Radio Network is that we the people can pass rules that limit the political fortunes of convicted felons but we need the  proper language in the legislation to make it hold up in court.

Meche said the current legislation voters approved the amendment barring convicted felons from seeking office for 15 years after the end of their sentence.The problem occurred when the ballot version of the legislation omitted an exemption passed by the legislature. That exemption made allowances for those only sentenced to probation. Meche calls this inexcusable sloppiness on behalf of our lawmakers.

It'll be interesting to see what explanations are given as to how this foul up occurred.

Chances are you will see this measure brought up in the legislature this session. You can bet they will actually have some the lawyers that we elected to the legislature actually read the bill before they pass it. Maybe next time they won't leave such a large loophole in the system. Or do you think they left that loophole there on purpose?

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