Cowboys Nightclub made the announcement that they will be going smoke-free.

Recently, Lafayette became the 11th major city to pass a smoke-free ordinance but being that Cowboys is located outside of city limits they weren't required to follow suit. Now, according to a post on their official Facebook page, it looks like Cowboys is making the decision to do away with smoking in their venue effective September 21, 2017.

Based on the comments they have received thus far it seems as if their customers are happy about the move. Facebook user Renee LaCombe tagged a friend, seeming excited to go now that the bar is smoke-free.

now we can go, no excuses lol!

Another commenter, Taylor Mamer, was shocked to see such an overwhelmingly positive response.

looks like everyone likes the change!! I didn't know what to expect when I went to the comments

Not everyone seemed excited about the announcement. Natalie Dronet Blanchard predicted that they will lose business because of the move.

Now u will be an empty bar wow

Overall, this was probably a good move for Cowboys, based on the response and the new business they will gain from people who may have avoided going because of the smoke and the fact that smokers will still have an area to enjoy their cigarettes. When Brittney Danby asked if there would be an outside area for smokers, Cowboys responded,


So what do YOU think of the decision?

Personally, as someone who plays music in bars and nightclubs on a regular basis, I love the direction more and more venues are headed in. Not everyone is excited about more and more places going smoke-free but overall, even the biggest chain smokers completely understand how the move is better for everyone as a whole.

If the other bars and nightclubs who have been smoke-free by law for the past month are any indicator, Cowboys will have nothing to worry about.

I'm curious to know what you think, so sound off in the comments and be sure to share this with everyone you know that likes to go to Cowboys.

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