Some crawfish crazies are heating up over the higher prices and smaller size of the crop this year.

LSU Ag Center Professor Greg Lutz says suppliers aren’t trying to rip you off, farmers are just having a hard time finding enough crop after the historic winter to justify pulling their traps.

“For those crawfish farmers, they’re going to spend the same amount of bait, and the same amount on labor whether they catch 2 sacks or 15 sacks. That’s why the price is so high right now.”

Lutz says the crawfish survived the winter just fine, but the little fellas are just taking some extra time to develop.

“A lot of the farmers says the ponds are full of crawfish, but they lift the traps up and those little crawfish just fall right through the mesh.”

Lutz says if you don’t want to pay the inflated prices, give it a few weeks, the cost of a boil should be returning to normal.

“If we keep on with temperatures like this, we’ll be caught up in a month or so, and more or less back to normal supply.”


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