We received a photo from a listener in the Youngsville area the other day that kind of creeped us out a little. He said he was sitting on his back porch one evening and felt something crawling on his arm. It was a little dark and was hard to see but he thought it might be a ladybug. When he knocked it off his arm, he noticed it started moving back up to his arm, which is when level-2 of freakout occurred and he swatted it away a little more aggressively this time.

Eventually, he spotted it crawling on the ground and took the picture above. Although it was small, the view he got when zooming in on the photo made him wonder, what the heck is that? He had never seen anything like it before and had been living in the area for over 16 years.

What to do when you need an answer to a question? Ask Facebook! He uploaded the photo and posed the question and in short order got a few responses. Answers ranged from:

"It's the devil! Kill it with fire!"


"Newest member of the Road Warriors!"


"That's a ladyhermitbugcrab"


He finally got a legitimate answer - Spiney backed orb weaver. To his relief he discovered that they're not poisonous (although with that decorative pattern and spines you'd think otherwise), they rarely bite and when they do aren't harmful.

Have you seen these around your house? Any cool color patterns that are different from this one? Comment below and share your photo.

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