This soon-to-be father of five had a priceless reaction after find out the gender of the baby on the way.

We are pregnant with our fifth baby. After four girls, my husband was sure that this was going to be a boy! We have a 16 year old, 11 yr old, 4 yr old, and 1 year old. All girls. This is a surprise bonus baby! Everyone was actually certain that this was the boy. We had a fun gender reveal today for all of the girls to be included. My husband was very dramatic about finding out it's the fifth girl.... Everyone is calm now and excited about a new baby sister!

-- Christine Batson

After four girls, the entire Batson family was hoping baby number five would a bouncing baby boy, but those dreams of blue went out the door (literally) when they bit into pink-filled cupcakes.

Without saying a word dad, Josh Batson, stood up, walked outside and jumped into the pool. It might not be the initial reaction his wife hoped for, but considering that he's the only male in a house full of women, I'd say he took the news pretty well.

If the Batson's ever have another "surprise bonus baby" I'm sure it will be a boy, at least for Josh's sake I hope it's a boy. But just in case, the Batson's should probably put a cover on the pool, just saying.

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