It's been no secret in some circles. but Daniel Landry made his candidacy for 15th Judicial District Attorney officials.

Landry has been an assistant District Attorney for thirty-five years, and he says he has a strong love for our community.

In the press release announcing his candidacy, he says that he believes there are three main roles of the District Attorneys office:

  • To protect people from law breakers
  • The prosecution of anyone who breaks the law
  • Work to prevent crime from happening

The fifteenth Judicial District is made up of Acadia, Lafayette and Vermilion Parishes.

Landry says,

I have a strong love for our community, and I'm committed to its safety and security based on my strong desire to use the prosecutorial experience and leadership skills that I have developed over my years of service. My top priority has been and always will be to be fair and just based on the evidence and totality of the facts, treating all people with dignity and respect.

He says he is running in this race because he is committed to keeping our community safe.

He is a graduate of Lafayette High School and Louisiana State University where he earned his law degree.

Danny and his wife, Nancy Hoover Landry, have been married for thirty-eight years, and they have three children along with two grand kids.

Keith Stutes will be retiring, and the election is set to be held Tuesday, November 3 of this year.