27-year-old Leroy Hebert of Lafayette was arrested after allegedly stealing a man's I-Phone 6, posting a selfie of himself on it then falling for a dating app trap laid out for him by police.

Lafayette Police spokesman Cpl. Paul Mouton says officers found the stolen I-Phone on him after he allegedly took it from the victim around 11 o'clock Monday night.

So, how did officers find the suspect two hours after the robbery happened? Well, the victim noticed activity on his phone through his home computer, uploaded a selfie taken by the suspect and gave that information to police. Authorities then used that info to lure Hebert through the dating app to an area hotel where officers were waiting to arrest him.

There was another suspect in the robbery, which happened in the 300 block of Belleau. Mouton says the men, described as two black male suspects, approached the victim with a handgun and demanded his property from him while he was standing in his yard. The two ran away after they allegedly robbed the man, who was left uninjured.

Call Lafayette Police or Crime Stoppers at (337) 232-TIPS if you have any information on the second unidentified suspect.

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