Imagine winning before you even step onto the field.

That's how Louisiana native and Nebraska freshman wide receiver Decoldest Crawford is currently feeling after locking down one of the "coldest" NIL deals to date.

Back in the spring, SOS Heating & Cooling jumped on the opportunity to have Crawford endorse their company thanks to new NIL (name, image, likeness) regulations passed in 2021.

For the first time in history, college athletes are legally able to receive payment for their name, image, and likeness and the deal that Crawford signed with SOS has already exceeded their "wildest expectations."

Let's be real—Decoldest probably has one of, if not the best name in college football, and the way he's cashing in with this NIL deal is almost genius.

SOS Heating & Cooling said the partnership was a no-brainer.

We thought, with Decoldest, it was a good fit

Jon Steuhm is a third-generation owner of the HVAC company and is based out of Omaha. He locked in the deal with the Shreveport-born Nebraska wide receiver and taped the commercial at his home on the day before preseason camp opened a few weeks ago.

The ad, starring Stuehm's wife and daughter, debuted online this past Friday and was an instant hit. But when it aired on television during the Chiefs-Bears game on Sunday, Steuhm's phone exploded.

So did the online video, because as of yesterday (Aug 16) the commercial had been viewed over 5 million times.

SOS Heating & Cooling has been a radio sponsor of Nebraska football for 15 years but in the last 15 hours it's safe to say that they've probably doubled whatever exposure they've gotten over that amount of time.

Even though SOS was already extremely busy, the HVAC company is definitely winning big; but so is Decoldest. The first-year wide receiver (who was once committed to LSU) recently suffered a knee injury during Nebraska's first serious scrimmage at the beginning of August and will definitely miss significant time this upcoming season.

With Crawford more than likely leading to a redshirt, this NIL deal is something that will keep him relevant and motivated to bounce back—not to mention, putting a few dollars in his pocket.


By the way, Decoldest may have one of the best names in college football, but there are lots of other interestingly-named players with insane potential that should be paying close attention.

Of course, the tweets and memes about his parents and their choice to name him "Decoldest" has been bountiful.

I'm just ready to see his ads for the company when temperatures drop this fall and winter.

Will Decoldest become Dewarmest? I guess only time (and temperature) will tell.

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