UPDATE - JULY 10, 2015: Deen Castronovo's trial has been set for Oct. 22. The Journey drummer will answer charges of rape and assault at Oregon's Marion County Courthouse. The trial is expected to last two days.

An Oregon judge has denied bail for Journey drummer Deen Castronovo, who, on June 29, was arrested for the second time in 15 days on charges of rape, sexual abuse and assault. At the hearing, details emerged that revealed an alleged pattern of physical and sexual violence over the course of a week, as well as drug use and suicide threats.

According to the Statesman Journal, Marion County Circuit Judge Channing Bennett cited that he was still a danger to the woman as the reason why he will remain in jail.

The prosecutor, Jennifer Gardiner, said that Castronovo threw the woman into a wall 14 times, pulled her hair and forced her to have sex with him. After being released on $20,000 bail on June 15, Castronovo called the victim 35 times and sent her 122 text messages, despite being under a court order to have no contact with her.

As the details were being read, the article says that "Castronovo talked to himself and sometimes looked toward the ceiling. He appeared weary and took deep breaths and seemed to shake. At one point Castronovo wobbled and nearly fell over. Three deputies helped him to sit in a chair as he closed his eyes."

Two of his voice mails were played during the hearing. On one of them he said, "I'm sorry, [victim's name]. You should call me. On Friday you will be forcibly removed from my house. My life is ruined. You didn't have to call the cops. I've suffered and now you're going to suffer. I love you."

On the other, he threatened to kill himself and begged the police for "some [expletive] help. You think this is a joke? I'm sick and I need help!"

The help Castronovo says he needs could refer to drug use. It was learned that, upon his first arrest on June 14, he was taken to Salem Hospital because he had overdosed on methamphetamine.

Castonovo's attorney, Jeffrey Jones, brought in two of his ex-wives, both of whom said there had been no reports of domestic abuse during their time with him. Jones also mentioned his history of community involvement, including donating $10,000 to help rebuild a local school's band room following a fire a few months ago.

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