Did KD really stare down RiRi?

Last night the Warriors blew out LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers 113-91 to take Game 1 of the NBA Finals, and Kevin Durant was the man of the night. He had one of his best performances of his career, but no one is talking about his shooting or his dunking.

Yes, Rihanna—the pop star, who sat court side last night and antagonized Durant at every turn. RiRi's fandom for LeBron James is more than well-documented and her heckling during Game 1 is what everyone seems to be talking about.

Rihanna was reportedly yelling at Durant throughout the game, at one point shouting "BRICK!" while he attempted to shoot free throws.

Later in the game KD drained a 3-pointer and appeared to respond to Rihanna with a "stare down," but was he even looking at the pop star?

After the game, Durant was asked about his back and forth with Rihanna and acted as if he was oblivious to "anything like that." Steph Curry's reaction was priceless.

KD can act like nothing happened, but our friends over at The Big Lead uncovered these tweets from 2014.

Will we see more from RiRi and KD? Only time will tell. Until then, the Finals move on.

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