We were always told as little children to take our vitamins, right?

We even learned some of the basics about vitamins growing up: Vitamin A is good for your bones and eyes; Vitamin B is good for your skin, hair, and energy levels; Vitamin C is good for your immune system, etc.

Well, as we continue to deal with COVID-19 and its variants, it's important as ever to take your vitamins and to know how they help you.

Recently, I spoke with Dr. Andrew Myers - co-author of the book "Simplifying the COVID Puzzle: How Two Essential Vitamins Fortify the Immune System" - about getting your body ready to defend itself against COVID by putting in the right vitamin mix.

"One of the most effective ways to improve our response to the vaccine and protect us from the virus is to have a competent immune system," says Dr. Myers. "Taking a couple of vitamins each day is the cheapest life insurance policy and one of the simplest ways to build a robust immune system."

In talking to Dr. Myers, he did not endorse or reject any of the COVID-19 shots. Instead, he focused on something he feels is lacking in society's conversations about COVID-19 - how we should be supporting our immune system and paying more attention to our immune health.

"COVID has revealed the weak underbelly of the American population and the fact that we are nutritionally deficient," Dr. Myers told me.

During our conversation, Dr. Myers gave the vitamin (and mineral) mix that we need to combat COVID-19 and his recommended dosage.

Dr. Myers also warns that many multivitamins do not have the vitamin dosage mix that he recommends. When I checked my multivitamin, I found he was absolutely right.

Vitamin D - Keeps Lungs Healthy and Helps Fight Inflammation Commonly Caused by COVID-19


Dr. Myers says: "Critically important in keeping the lungs healthy. What we found is that Vitamin D acts at the front end of the infection to activate the immune system and helps to regulate and control inflammation."

Recommended Daily Dosage: 4000 IUs/day

Vitamin K2 - Regulates Inflammation

Youtube via WKYC Channel 3
Youtube via WKYC Channel 3

Dr. Myers says: "Once the infection is in place, Vitamin K2 really takes over in terms of regulating the inflammatory response but, more specifically, protecting the lungs from the changes in the quality of their elasticity that can lead people to end up on respirators and to have difficulty breathing."

Recommended Daily Dosage: 100 micrograms

Zinc - Helps to Boost and Support Immune Function


Essential nutrient critical to overall immune health dealing with upper respiratory tract infections

Recommended Daily Dosage: 15 milligrams

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