Remember when Louisiana was struggling so bad with COVID-19 infections that it was recording horrible numbers?

As a matter of fact, only four months ago the Pelican State had a higher rate of COVID-19 infections than every country but one - Fiji.

Well, things have changed significantly for our state, and for the better!

Last week, COVID-19 hospitalizations in Louisiana reached their lowest point since the pandemic began - 226. Now, according to, Louisiana tied with Hawaii for the lowest COVID-19 Hospitalizations per 100,000 people at 5. The numbers also show that over a 14-day change, Louisiana has recorded a 33 percent decrease. Only Utah, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Mississippi recorded a higher percent decrease.

Keep in mind, in August, Louisiana reported 89 COVID-19 infections per 100,000 people per day on average.

After the many press conferences held by Governor John Bel Edwards that dealt with the death that COVID-19 has caused in Louisiana, this is certainly news that would be great to hear him address in the near future.

Now, though, Gov. Edwards is focusing on getting COVID vaccination rates higher and higher.

Snapshot via Facebook via Governor John Bel Edwards
Snapshot via Facebook via Governor John Bel Edwards

This encouraging news comes on the heels of National Louisiana Day, which is celebrated on November 9th.

Snapshot, Facebook via Governor John Bel Edwards
Snapshot, Facebook via Governor John Bel Edwards

It's been a rough nearly two years for the state of Louisiana as we have dealt with COVID-19 as harshly as anyone. Even with these encouraging numbers, the virus is still impacting people. Make sure you continue to keep yourself as healthy as possible - Doctor gives best essential vitamin mix to combat COVID-19 symptoms - as we hope to continue to strive to put COVID-19 in our rearview mirror.

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