If you've spent some time outside on the patio or by the fire pit and noticed that something was biting you it most likely wasn't a mosquito. According to the LSUAgCenter it's most likely that you are being tasted by gnats.

Gnats, sometimes called no-see-ums, are a regular problem for Louisiana residents who love to be outside this time of year. While they don't pose the same health risks as mosquitoes, they can create more than just an itchy bite.

The good news is that the gnat problem will dissipate when temperatures consistently stay at or above 80 degrees. Believe it or not, those days are coming sooner than any of us want to think about.

Another problem with gnats is they aren't deterred by the normal mosquito repellants with Deet. The AgCenter suggest you try some unconventional repellants if you're going to be outside. They say many people report successful gnat abatement by using Avon Skin So Soft or Victoria's Secret Amber Romance.

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