It's one of the basic tenets of driving. A red light means stop. A green light means go. A yellow light means, well that really depends on who's behind the wheel, doesn't it? Of course, the reason for an automated traffic signal is to improve traffic flow at major intersections. Recent decades have seen changes in the basic traffic signal to include turn arrows making it easier or sometimes the only way possible to make a left turn.

However, a recent trend among traffic signals across South Louisiana has been the addition of one more arrow. That is the flashing yellow turn arrow. If you're not a fan of that arrow I've got bad news for you. South Louisiana is about to see a lot more of them.

The official meaning of the flashing yellow arrow is "yield and turn with caution". In other words on coming traffic has the right of way, however, if there is no oncoming traffic then a left turn is permitted

The Louisiana Department of Transportation says it will finalize installation of 83 upgraded traffic signals across the area over the next year. Project managers say about half of the proposed upgraded signals have already been installed and are operating. The project is expected to cost about $45 million to complete and according to the DOTD schedule, the project should be wrapped up within a year.

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