According to The Advertiser, Drago's Seafood Restaurant has finally found a home in Lafayette.

Stop us if you feel like you've heard this one before. Almost two years ago to the month we were reporting the same news. Drago's was set to make its way to the Hub City with a location in the Parc Lafayette area.

And then the deal fell through.

Now, Drago's majority owner Tommy Cvintanovich says he's finally set to open his fourth location of the popular New Orleans Oyster Bar in Lafayette.

I'm ready to bring the single best bite of food in New Orleans and make it the single best bite of food in Lafayette

There were rumblings that Drago's would be taking over the building where Mellow Mushroom is located at the corner of Johnston Street and Doucet after they close this Sunday (6/4).

Oh, and according to The Advertiser, Cvitanovich says the "curse" that has haunted that location doesn't bother him at all.

As long as I do my job, I don't worry about history.

Drago's quest to open in Lafayette hasn't be an easy one with at least a few other deals falling through after their original attempt back in 2015, but they have reportedly signed a 20-year lease securing their spot at the Johnston-Doucet location. Renovations are set to begin in the next couple of weeks with a target opening date of August 2017.

Some Lafayette residents may know Drago's from their popular Hilton Riverside location in New Orleans right across from Harrah's. That location definitely gets the most foot traffic, but it has only been open for about a decade. Their original location is located in Metairie and has been a culinary staple since 1969.

They do have another location inside of a Hilton in Jackson, MS.

One part of The Advertiser's story that really stood out to me was Cvitanovich's plan to employ around 100 people at his Lafayette Drago's location. Not only will he be providing work for locals, he will reportedly give "top priority for open positions" to Mellow Mushroom employees who will be without work at the end of this week.

Unless someone has something critical that comes up in the background search, all of them will be hired. I don't call our employees a team. We don't play ball together. I call them a family. We really have a special bond.



For more on Cvitanovich, the Drago's story and their unique plans for the Lafayette location check out The Advertiser's full story here.

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