No, seriously—there is no way anyone could have predicted how this Houston road rage video would turn out.

According to a video posted by ABC 13, two women were brawling after an apparent fender bender escalated into a fit of road rage.

Sergio Macias said that one of the women went for the other and immediately started "throwing blows" on the freeway. What happened next was like something out of a movie and is causing the video above to go viral.

All of a sudden I see someone running fast

A man is seen coming into frame, headed straight for the temporarily abandoned Audi. While the driver continues to exchange blows with the other woman a thief hops into the driver's seat and zooms off.

I always see videos online where the caption says "you'll never guess what happens next," but this may be the first time the video actually lived up to the clickbait headline, because my jaw hit the floor when I saw that man drive off.

For updates on the status of the stolen car (hopefully) keep an eye on our friends at ABC 13.

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