Lafayette Sheriff has been in office for roughly 10 months and has had several high profile cases come up already. Currently, his Deputies are working to solve the case of a missing Lafayette teen who was last seen on Tuesday, May 23rd. Jacquelyn "Daisy Lynn" Landry was supposed to be visiting a friend and never showed up at her house. Deputies have been working a number of leads, but Garber explains why they are reluctant to release all of the information at once. He did say that there was not any known threat to the public at this time.

On another topic, Sheriff Garber talked about the misconceptions about sanctuary city status in Lafayette. When he took office, New Orleans and Lafayette were both on the federal government's sanctuary cities list. Garber maintains that the previous administration didn't do anything wrong, they just did it differently. He says it took a series of face-to-face meetings with Immigration and Customs Enforcement to figure out what to do when undocumented individuals are arrested.

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