I don't need to watch sports TV today. I already know what I'll hear. Countless basketball pundits saying the same thing, in one form or another.

"It's only 1 game. Last year, Cleveland was down 3-1."

It's the same hollow argument from anyone who expects....or just hopes...the NBA Finals will be entertaining, competitive, and most of all, better than the month and a half long postseason that preceded it. Spoiler alert. It won't be.

Stop looking to the past to convince yourself something might happen, when all evidence suggests otherwise.

As I wrote on Wednesday, Golden State's dominance will make for a lousy NBA Finals.

Unless you're a Warriors fan, or enjoy dominant teams who destroy all competition, 2017 NBA basketball isn't for you.

Yes, the Cavs and Warriors are playing in the NBA Finals for the 3rd consecutive year, but it's nothing like the last two. Kevin Durant's signing with Golden State last summer assured us of that.

Imagine of the '98 Chicago Bulls championship team would've added Hakeem Olajawoun the previous offseason? Forget about Jordan pushing off Byron Russell for the game winning shot in game 6 against the Jazz to clinch an NBA championship. That series would've been over long before that, missing the late MJ drama that made it so memorable.

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As a viewer, I want drama. Dominance is boring. Without kryptonite, Superman would be boring. LeBron James is incredible, but he's not kryptonite.

Basketball fans are hoping to see the TV equivalent of an Emmy Award winning show like Friends, but instead, are watching Joey. A few things look the same, but it's just not good, no matter how much we want it to be.

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