Can the Saints get a deal done already?

Some Saints fans (including this one) are beginning to wonder why their franchise quarterback still doesn't have a deal. That wonder may soon turn to worry because not only does Drew's contract void on Wednesday, but starting today he is able to communicate with other teams via his agent.

A report from a local New Orleans outlet began to circulate claiming that Brees couldn't take part in the 48-hour pre-free agency negotiating period due to his contract that doesn't expire until Wednesday, but Pro Football Talk says that report was inaccurate.

Both the NFL and the NFLPA, via spokesman George Atallah, have told PFT that Brees, through his agent, can negotiate with other teams when the window opens on Monday.

Now, Brees has said he wants to be a Saint and the Saints have said that Brees is their QB, so what's the hold up?

Some reports are saying that the Saints need to get the deal done before other teams even have a chance to lure Brees away with a monster contract—especially considering the money that less valuable players are getting in the market.

This blog from ESPN urging the Broncos to sign Brees is a prime example.

The simple thought of what some of these teams would put on the table for a talent like Drew Brees is scary to me, and as much as he wants to remain a Saint, could you imagine him being presented with a deal that would guarantee something insane like $60-70 million?

I think I speak for all Saints fans when I say GET THIS DEAL DONE ALREADY!!!

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