A panel of judges in Louisiana's Third Circuit Court have denied an appeal for a driver's education instructor who was convicted for making lewd and lascivious sexual comments to female students.

Teddy Aguillard, the former proprietor of Gator Driving School in Eunice--was convicted in February 2017 on two counts of indecent behavior with a juvenile for a host of lewd and lascivious comments he made to two teenage female driver's ed students.

According to the Third Circuit Court documents, on May 26, 2015 Aguillard was performing a road test with two unnamed juvenile female students when he made several lewd comments to one student referring to breasts. He also openly displayed naked photos of women on his phone during the driving test.

The victims, only identified by initials in the court records, testified at a 27th JDC trial that they felt "ashamed, embarrassed and really uncomfortable" following the barrage of sexually charged comments and behavior.

Lafayette attorney Katherine Guillot filed an appeal on the defendant's behalf because she said:  Aguillard's 10-year sentence was excessive for the two charges of indecent behavior with a juvenile; he was denied his constitutional rights to a fair trial before an unbiased jury; and there was not enough definitive evidence presented at the lower court trial.

You can read the entire opinion that was released Wednesday from Third District Court Judge Phyllis M. Keaty by clicking the link below. The opinion documents all of what a jury--and this reporter--consider to be disgusting sexual comments and actions aimed at the two teenage victims. Viewer discretion is advised.

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