From the "with friends like these" files, we tear a page from Eric Clapton's lengthy tour diary when drummer Keith Moon and guitarist Pete Townshend of the Who joined him onstage – and left the guitarist with a toy ukulele broken over his head.

On tour behind the recently released 461 Ocean Boulevard, Clapton and crew arrived in Atlanta on Aug. 1, 1974, for an evening at the city's Omni Coliseum. Ticket holders were treated to a set list that included "Let It Grow," "Willie and the Hand Jive" and "Badge." In a surprise addition, Clapton's famous friends Moon and Townshend came out to add a little extra star power to "Layla" and "Baby, Don't You Do It."

Moon reportedly sang along during "Little Queenie," and when it was all over, Townshend is said to have smashed a plastic ukulele belonging to drummer "Legs" Larry Smith over Clapton's noggin.

If Clapton was bothered, he didn't let it keep him from inviting the duo back the next night in Greensboro, N.C., announcing his first guest by telling the audience: "And tonight, for your pleasure or my pain, one of the two, the great Pete Townshend." Moon reportedly followed by forcing Smith out of his kit.


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