Facebook wants your nudes.

The social media giant is putting their best foot forward in an attempt to stop revenge porn, but to say their method is unorthodox is definitely an understatement.

According to Facebook, sending them your nudes will "prevent intimate images of users from appearing against their will" on their social media platforms.

The way it works is the user fills out a form in addition to sending that exact image they are worried about circulating to Facebook using Messenger. Upon receiving the notification, Facebook uses image-matching technology to "tag" the image in a way that prevents anyone other than the user from uploading it to any of their platforms.

This means no one but the user who owns the photo will be able to upload the photo to Facebook, Instagram or Messenger. I would also imagine that it wouldn't be able to be uploaded via private or direct messaging either, although the report didn't specify.

This pilot program is currently only available in the U.S, U.K., Canada and Australia.

Would you ever send your nude photos to Facebook (or anyone for that matter) to keep them from circulating or being shared via social media?

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