If you're among the 2.2 billion people that log on to the social media site Facebook from time to time you should be expecting a message today. The scandalized social media platform plans to send notices to all of its subscribers entitled "Protecting Your Information".

The notice is supposed to offer transparency over which apps the site uses and what portion of your information is shared with those apps. You will be given the opportunity to shut those apps off individually or you can turn off third-party access to those apps with one change in your settings.

Another 78 million Facebook users will also be getting notices concerning the sharing of their personal data with Cambridge Analytica. This is that notice that you really need to pay attention to should you happen to receive it. Some experts close to the data breach story say that 78 million might be on the low end as far as the number of affected subscribers go.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is expected to testify in Washington on Tuesday concerning Facebook's privacy policy and changes the company has made to protect the information of subscribers. Louisiana Senator John Kennedy is expected to spend time questioning Zuckerberg when he appears before Congress.


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