It's that time of year. Families are on vacation, or making plans for the yearly road trip before school starts. Sometimes in all the excitement, it's hard to remember everything you need to do and bring before piling the whole gang into the station wagon.

Parents Magazine has a great check list for essentials to take on your yearly vacay. Being in the car driving with kids can either be a nightmare, or a true American adventure, and I wish I would have seen this waaaaay earlier in life! Enjoy the rest of your summer, y'all.

  • Entertainment - tablets, headphones, batteries and chargers included
  • Food - small cooler, sandwich fixings, (including condiments), snacks, and beverages
  • Toiletries - bug spray, sunscreen, extra toothbrushes and tootpaste
  • Emergency supplies - first aid kit, phone numbers for family doctors, and local emergency room numbers for your destinations
  • Clothing and Gear - a quick change of clothes in each kids backpacks, so you don't have to go threw the suitcases, laundry bag for dirty clothes, and swim gear if you are headed to the beach or pool

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