Week one of the NFL season didn't provide fantasy owners a ton of pop in terms of star players going off, unless of course you had put your faith in Kareem Hunt. However, that probably meant your opponent didn't have a phenomenal week as well and hopefully you were able to sneak by with a dub because honestly that's all that matters.

As we progress along and head into Week 3 of the NFL season, us fantasy football players have to wade through the uncertain waters of players who may be long term contributors or flashes in the pan. Early on those are certainly murky waters to be navigating because we are still trying to understand how coaches are going to utilize their skill position players in the teams offensive schemes.

So, what can you do to better navigate your teams early season struggles? Prayer is always a good start but also so are cold hard facts in numbers, along with a smart waiver wire strategy. To make something a trend, you generally have to see it happen three times in a row and this is week 3. This week should provide us all with a pair of fantasy football reading glasses. This way we don't have to look slightly confused by squinting trying to figure out what's real and what's a fantasy mirage.


Trevor Siemian (DEN, 13.6 % Owned in ESPN Leagues):

You remember how just above I stated that we need to see something happen three times in a row in order to make it a trend? Well, Trevor Siemian has certainly shown validation in the Broncos for making him their starting QB over weeks one and two and I believe he'll be able to keep up a level of decent consistency. He's thrown 6 touchdowns compared to only 2 picks on a solid 65% completion percentage. In addition, he's shown a bit of escapability, and scored one touchdown on the ground. He's got a good offensive line in front of him and playmakers galore on the outside and in the backfield.


Running Backs:

Samaje Perine (WSH, 2.2% Owned):

I understand that injuries happen all over the place in the NFL but Rob Kelley owners had to be a bit hot under the collar on Sunday. The second year back started off with flashes of what we saw out of him last year and then the injury bug bit. Enter, rookie Samaje Perine. Now, he wasn't AS effective as Kelley had been but he did prove to us that he can be a capable back-up plan in case RK's rib cartilage injury is too much for him to go this coming weekend. Therefore, I'm suggesting that if you do own Kelley, as I do, go and handcuff Perine to him. This way you'll seem like a smart fantasy player and have a starting back for the skins either way. Got it? Good, now I'm off to go get him...

Javorius "Buck" Allen (BAL, 8.6% Owned):

Do you remember back to last weeks article when I talked about jumping on the trend train before it actually left the station? Well Bucks train is taking off and if you weren't one that jumped on it previously then I suggest you try to jump aboard as quickly as you can! We were interested to see how the carries would be split between him and Terrance West now that Danny Woodhead will be sidelined for a couple of months. Allen received 19 touches while West received 10 in both the running and passing game. Each player had an all valuable TD but the buck stops with Allen and you should expect him to lead the way for the Ravens.

Alvin Kamara (NO, 13.3% Owned):

The New Orleans Saints backfield has been a confusing dumpster fire early on this season. However, one thing that's been clear is that Head Coach Sean Payton likes this rookie in Alvin Kamara and wants to utilize him in some capacity. So far, that capacity has been in the slot and catching passes and less about actually running the ball but as long as he's productive why do we care? Actually, if you're in a point per reception (PPR) league you'd prefer him catching passes than running the football anyways. Willie Snead is out one more week and if you have a need for a pass catching back in a pass heavy offense I'd take a flyer on Kamara.


Wide Receivers:

J.J. Nelson (ARI, 20.7% Owned):

The Arizona Cardinals offensive attack is a hard mystery to solve. The question is, is it the lack of running back David Johnson, the effect of father time on quarterback Carson Palmer, or the lack of an inventive offensive game-plan? It could very well be a deadly combination of all three that's led to the ineffectiveness of this once dynamic offense. One thing we've seen over the first two weeks is that J.J. Nelson has been a big part of it as teams look to bottle up star wide-out, Larry Fitzgerald. Also, fellow wide receiver John Brown always has trouble staying on the field with injuries. It seems as though Nelson is your best bet in this best selling mystery novel that is the 2017 Cardinals offense without David Johnson.

Rashard Higgins (CLE, 0.4% Owned):

You may be asking yourself at this very moment, "G, who the heck is Rashard Higgins!?" That is a terrific question reader, he's a second year player who hailed from the practice squad and was promoted to the active roster one day before the Browns game against the Ravens on Sunday. The Browns have been very disappointed in veteran WR, Kenny Brit and have placed him in timeout. Meanwhile, Corey Coleman is ailing from a potentially broken hand that he suffered mid-game. Enter Higgins, my man not only led the all wide-outs in snaps (54) but targets (11) and catches as well (7) for a cool 95 yards. He's certainly a solid add in 12 team or larger leagues because he's clearly got some talent and the options in CLE just aren't terrific at the moment.


Tight End:

Evan Engram (NYG, 10.7% Owned)

How poor has the New York Giants offense looked through two games this season? I wouldn't feel good about putting it all on quarterback Eli Manning's shoulders because there's plenty of blame to go around. However, the one aspect of this offense that does get you excited as a fantasy football player is the athletic ability of rookie tight end Evan Engram. With Odell Beckham Jr hobbled and Brandon Marshall not performing up to snuff early on, Eli's looked Engrams way and its paid off. Through two games he's racked up 12 targets and eight catches for 93 yards and a touchdown. I feel like this kid will get constant looks this season with the little amount of time that the offensive line provides to Eli Manning or should I say, lack there of time.


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