I was alive during the '80s and I don't think we looked this cheesy. Well, I don't think we looked this cheesy all the time. Each decade has its own contribution to the "let's not ever do that again" in the fashion department. The '80s may have been the superstar decade in that regard.

In this training video from the vaults of Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers, you can see just how cringe worthy the '80s were. The actress in this video appears to be wearing a modified Dorothy Hamill haircut, a lovely pastel colored shirt, and a smile that's right out of an Ultra-Brite commercial. She is also doing a very Caucasian inspired musical rap.

It was all designed to make sure that Wendy's employees knew the proper way to dish out a cold drink to their customers. To be honest I never put that much thought into getting a cold drink. Actually, at today's restaurants, they just give you a cup and let you manipulate the beast to get your own ice and drink.

Maybe this wonderful lady was just being a trailblazer for the rest of us. Who knows without her contribution to fast food refreshment there could have been an entire generation of people who had no idea how to get a fountain drink.


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