Texas was the number 2 state for incoming new residents in the united states in 2022 according to this National Association of Realtors article. Florida jumped over Texas to take number 1 for last year. However, over the past several years, Texas has been the most moved-to state each individual year, and also with total net migration over the last 5 years.

With all the new people coming to Texas, it is no surprise the largest numbers are choosing to live in Dallas, Austin, Houston, Fort Worth, etc. What IS surprising is that none of those cities comes close to being the fastest growing city in the country like one particular city in Central Texas, which has been topping the list since beginning their boom in 2020.

If you math at all, you understand how 100,000 new residents don't tip the growth scales of a city with already a million residents. That is why a city with only 100,000 can gain just 20,000, and have a growth percentage is double the bigger city that had more total people arrive.

What is the fastest-growing city in the USA?

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Welcome to Georgetown, Texas.

At a growth rate of just over 14%, statistically, your friend group of 7 should have increased to 8.

By now, there have to be at least a few of those signs around town as you enter. The signs on the way out probably read, "Where are you going," or, "Turn around, this is the place."

No matter your reason for migrating to Central Texas, we are happy to see you and call you a neighbor. You may have just moved from another Texas city, or this is your first time living in Texas. Either way, get ready to make a lot of new friends and come over for a barbecue.

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