Zachary police say a man accused of allegedly murdering his 11-month-old baby is in custody.

33-year-old Fabian Smith is charged in the death of Jericho Smith. Police arrived on the scene Saturday to find the baby lying in a pool of blood with multiple stab wounds. Police Chief David McDavid says Smith did not own up to the incident initially.

"He had made statements to witnesses that he had messed up to call 911", McDavid said. "The kids had come in on it and seen the baby lying there also.  It's just a tragic event."

McDavid says they found multiple weapons in the house and are still determining what happened.

"We had also found a knife and a firearm at the scene.  The baby had blunt force trauma to the back of the head also.  We're not sure what weapons were used besides the knife and we'll know that from the autopsy", McDavid said.
McDavid says neighbors called 9-1-1 after other children in the Smith’s house ran next door telling them what happened.

"Kids had ran next door to the neighbor.  Daddy had told them to call 911.  The neighbor walked over and saw the child lying in a pool of blood. The daddy told the neighbor I messed up.  Call 911."
Fabian Smith was the only adult home at the time of the murder.

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