Okay, I'm a parent of toddlers in 2017. On occasion, I let my kids watch videos or play on my iPhone. Most of the time, it's for your benefit. For example, I can enjoy a perfectly good meal at any restaurant in Acadiana while my kids are screaming for the Elmo toy or pacifier that we left at home. But, in the interest of those around me, I hand off the iPhone to let them watch videos or scroll through my camera roll. Go ahead, judge me. But while you're judging me, notice my kid is not ruining date night for you!

All of this is in good fun and yes, I realize that kids can be overexposed. Trust me when I say we are really careful. The biggest concern is always what else they may be doing. I'm not worried about them finding something inappropriate, but I don't necessarily want my 3-year-old texting, calling or trying to FaceTime my friends.

Here is a new tip I learned just this past weekend that will take that worry away for good. Guided Access lets you "lock" into one app, so whoever is using the phone won't wander outside of the app you specify. Here's how to do it:


Step #1: In your Setting menu, tap on General



Step #2: In the General menu, tap on Accessibility



Step #3: In the Accessibility menu, find Guided Access


See video above for complete setup instructions. This is such a cool feature that was added with little to no fanfare. And it's not only for children. How about when someone wants to see a picture on your phone and ends up in your most private text messages along the way? Yeah, that's never happened to me either.

If you have a parenting hack, I want it NOW. Email rob@kpel965.com.


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