FFA, the Future Farmers of America, in the small town where I grew up it was an important organization. FFA is still a pretty big deal in many schools and communities here in South Louisiana. In addition to offering young people, education and inspiration to encourage careers in agriculture being an FFA member can also help pay for college too.

If you're an FFA member in good standing you now have the opportunity to get $500 in scholarship money to attend a community college in Louisiana. The best part of this scholarship money is just how easy it is to apply for the funds.

All a student needs to do is fill out an application at any Louisiana community or technical college. They will then need to indicate that they have graduated in good standing or are a current member in good standing with the FFA. The $500 is automatically applied for and the award is almost a certain guarantee.

If you have questions you can ask your schools guidance counselor or FFA sponsor. They should have all of the information that you need.

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