Your kids can't put them down, so why not use those fidget spinners to make learning fun?

Fidget Spinners are the hottest thing out and kids can't seem to get enough of these addictive rotating gadgets. They come in all colors, and some can cost you well over $1000 depending on the materials used to make them.

Becky Mansfield at has come up with a way to turn these fidget spinners (pun intended) into a tool to help your kids learn. Mansfield has created worksheets that challenge kids to "Beat The Fidget Spinner" when it comes to math, spelling and other educational exercises.

How quickly can they spell their words.  Can they beat it?
What about subtraction – how quickly can they subtract?   How quickly can they add?

You can even sign up with your email address to receive updated worksheets free of charge.

School won't be back in session for another two months, but this is a great way to keep the kids sharp while allowing them to play with their favorite toy at the same time.

Get more details and your free worksheets here at

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