Incidents between unruly air travelers seem to be at an all-time high. Yet another sad incident happened on Sunday as a fight broke out between two passengers on a flight from New Orleans to Austin.

A video posted by KXAN in Austin shows two men swinging at each other on an American Airlines flight.

So what started the fight? According to one passenger who spoke to the news station, it began "over a seat that couldn't unrecline."

A statement from American Airlines didn't elaborate on the cause of the fight, but they did say that "law enforcement was requested."

The two men were reportedly detained and the flight eventually took off and landed in Austin later in the afternoon.

Austin Police said, however, that they didn't arrest anyone.

It seems that flights in and out of New Orleans have been a hotbed for unruly passengers. Just last month, a woman was hauled off another American Airlines flight from New Orleans to Dallas because she refused to wear a mask.

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