They call themselves 'Fix The Charter', and they have released an informational video about why they support passage of a measure on the December 8 ballot to make changes to the current charter for Lafayette's government.

The video breaks down the information about what a vote 'yes" for this amendment would mean in terms of changes to local government.

The group made of members of both the city of Lafayette and the parish has banded together to see passage of the amendment.

A campaign volunteer, Will Kellner, says,

"Communities thrive when decision makers are accountable to citizens with a direct stake in that community. Lafayette is a vibrant community, it's a great place to grow a business and raise a family, and yet a fatal flaw in our system of governance is holding us back. It's time to fix that flaw, ensuring out government is responsive to the needs of citizens in both the City and the Parish".

You can check out their informational video by clicking here.

If you have general questions about the amendment, the group recommends clicking here.



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