If you were affected by the floods of 2016 and you're not sure if you qualify for federal assistance beginning today the state is offering a chance at clarity. All you'll need to do is go online and complete a brief survey.

This survey applies to those affected by flooding in North Louisiana in March and those affected in South Louisiana in August.

The information you submit will then be used to see how much if any federal assistance you and your family are entitled to receive. It costs nothing to take this survey and the hope of the program is to offer clarity to homeowners and the federal government as to just how many Louisiana residents are still displaced and how many more are living in structures that are still undergoing repairs.

It should take about 15 minutes to complete the survey. Based upon the urgency of need the $1.6 billion in federal disaster relief will be extended to individuals and families. It is of the utmost importance that all homeowners and business owners who were affected by the high water fill this survey out.

The hope is that this information will provide real-time statistics to the state and federal government on the best way to extend relief monies or offer additional monies to families in need.

You can find the survey and other important information concerning flood relief benefits at this website. 


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