We all want our kids to get exercise. We all know the great lessons that team sports can teach our children. We don't want our kids to get hurt while they're learning about a sport. That's why I think a Football N America team might be a good choice for your child.

In the Lafayette area, Football N America is currently holding registration. The flag football league is open to boys and girls of kindergarten age through ten years old. The player fees are $150 per player.

Besides the initial cost of registration, the equipment costs are relatively minimal compared to some other youth sports. Participants will be required to wear a mouthpiece and that's about it as far as specialty equipment goes.

New Orleans Saints quarterback and Football N America founder Drew Brees explains the league like this.

As of now, the league plans to have an eight to ten game season and each team is guaranteed an opportunity to participate in one playoff game. The only participation trophies that will be presented will be for the younger players, kindergarten through second grade, everyone else will have to earn their award.

The league is currently seeking players and coaches. There will not be a  player draft but the league hopes to create competitively balanced teams so the experience for everyone, players, coaches, and parents will be a good one.

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