I recently stumbled on this video of a home in Lafayette, Louisiana, which flooded in August of 2016. The dramatic time lapse shows the water seeping through the walls and slowly but surely creeping up the legs of the table, the sofas and chairs. In the background, you can see the water rise in the dining room, and up the trash can in the kitchen.You'll even see the poor cat scurrying around.

It's heartbreaking to watch, especially knowing that some families are still not fully back to normal. A flood is a devastating event, and when it affects such a large number of homes, the recovery and restoration process is even more difficult for every family and the entire community.

This is a good reminder to get your flood insurance before we get into thunderstorm and hurricane season.


UPDATE from the owner of the house:  The cat was my neighbor’s outside cat. He was surrounded by water and was about to drown so we saved him. I put a liter box, food and water upstairs. I only had 1 pet carrier for my cat and couldn’t take him with us. The water was chest high in the streets when we left and we were rescued by the fire department.
He’s alive, very well taken care of and happy 😻

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