Predicting the weather from one day the next is a pretty tricky science. We have some learned professionals and high tech gadgets that usually get the forecast right on the money. Especially if you're wanting a 12-hour or 24-hour advance warning on what weather conditions you'll likely be facing.

When it comes to forecasting several days out the accuracy of weather forecasts diminish a lot. That's why when we told you earlier that some computer models were forecasting a freeze for Fat Tuesday, we told you to take that with a grain of salt.

The latest and most likely more accurate best guesses of what our weather will be on Mardi Gras day and the long weekend that leads up to it have changed. Gone are the potential problems with wind chill and freezing precipitation. Now it looks as if sunburn might be your biggest issue.

Several forecast sites that do 14-day outlooks are now suggesting that Acadiana will have some "chamber of commerce" weather from Friday, February 9th through Mardi Gras on February 13th. By Mardi Gras day we can expect shirt sleeve weather along the parade route. However, the cooler weather might be moving in by Ash Wednesday so it will all be about timing.

The better the weather the bigger the crowds. That means you'll want to arrive on the parade route early. You'll also want your sunscreen and plenty of water to drink. I know, you want to drink other things too, but at least bring some water so you want fall victim to dehydration.

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